26 May 2008


is the number of hex screws are holding the skin & windows onto my Loflyte. I decided I needed to count because I want to replace the nickel plated ones with stainless steel. The nickel plated ones that I've already purchased (but not opened yet) would only last a year or two before they looked as rusty as the old ones do now. It'll probably be almost $100, but it'll be worth it. We're planning to have this camper in the family for as long as she'll have us.

I've already promised my older daughter that I'll hand it down to her once I find my perfect canned-ham Shasta. She was, needless to say, uber-excited about that prospect.

Here is my favorite picture of my daughter. It just feels peaceful:

There's not much to update for this weekend. I did a bit more clean up & quite a lot of thinking & planning. I also have a game plan for squaring up the rear end... which is quite out of square! My father has volunteered to help out. I think he felt my anxiety over trying to get over this hump. What a gem he is!!!

Here's to a great week, one & all!!

24 May 2008

Today, I thought

And that's something. Here's what I came up with.

I'm conspicuously missing a pair of wings.

I really want said wings. I've done extensive searching on the internet for what a pair of wings would have looked like on Goldie. To my shagrin, all the wings I've seen for my era weren't simply aluminum flashing with creases that I could have easily made with tools that I could have easily borrowed from dear lil' brother.

Nope... it's a textured aluminum, like a super-small-criss-cross-stamped texture. Where do I go about finding that? How much more O/T will I have to work to in order afford it?

NONE! Yay, I'm so excited. I have (ahem) a solution! The inside surface of the door to Goldie has a small puncture in it. That puncture really bothers me, it's a couple of inches long. The interior side of the door is textured aluminum, just like the wings would have been. So, the idea that I have is to gently take apart the door, and replace the interior surface with a piece of the Birch paneling that I have.

The interior surface of the doors used to be wood, not aluminum. While I'm not staying "true to the year", I'm not straying that far either. I just have to figure out how to gently coax the aluminum apart without marring it.

Perhaps I'll use my Dremel or some other tool to remove the top of the interior surface only, and not try to separate the two pieces of aluminum. Rather, I'll reuse the already made corners and attach the birch to the interior door framing with construction adhesive, after I make any repairs needed to the door frame itself.

This will require more thinking, but I believe it can be done. I have a thought as to how to get the crease in there, without flattening out the texture. My brothers' got a big tool, it's used to bend aluminum for making coverings for posts, "J" channels, etc. when building a house. If I were to use a tiny dowl & a soft pad, I could create a crease (I think)... into the textured aluminum. I also think I'll be able to get at least 2 pairs of wings from the door, possibly three.

Precise measuring & planning are in order. I'm excited. I thought I'd have to scour for years & pay a kings ransom for truly vintage wings... or settle for something else I could make with plain old flashing.

Another thing I want to do is make a screen door. I think there are plans available for that.

Tomorrow is a Goldie work day.

17 May 2008

Imagine My Surprise...

when I went out to Goldie and saw fresh mouse turds!!! I mean, what the hell? I thought they were gone. I am setting those traps & those little buggers will die. Period. Sorry kid.

I woke up about 2am, wondering if I was late for work or something, just generally confused and disorientated. I had a horrible, and I do mean horrible sore throat. Then I remembered I was expecting this...

On Wednesday, I was in the office & I picked up a co-workers daughter who is a little over a year old & absolutely adorable... I was holding her up & telling how cute she was and generally making an ass of myself (but the babe was just eating it up) and the baby coughed right into my mouth. So much for being excited, huh? I had a feeling that was the beginning of the cold. Yep. Oh well. Whateryagonnado?

So, I knew it would be difficult to drag myself away from my comfy couch to go work on her, but I did get in about two hours, and that something. There was a little more to be taken apart than I remember leaving last time. But really, I'm almost done with the deconstruction.

New Paint Is Coming Soon

As you can see, I have removed the front rock guard. The fiberglass is very fragile, basically to the point of uselessness. I think I may just create a new cloth awning to put over top of the delicate fiberglass rock guard. I don't want to buy a new one, so another option could be to use the spray foam to reinforce it from the back, then use a rasp or something to level it off. I have no idea if it would work. Right now, the rock guard is in good condition, it's got no holes or cracks & I'd like to keep it that way.

I'm also going to either make or have made a new awning for the side, in gold & white, of course. I can't help but be amused at how large it looks in photographs, but in reality, it's a dinky little thing. See where the brown is? That's going to be gold flecked paint, and where it's pure white now, it's going to be an off-white.

I also want some cone hubcaps. I have one right now, but it's all rusted, see? If it were a canned-ham style, I would want the baby moon style. I'm trying to honor the late 60's era & stick with the style of those times.

You may be able see where I replaced some old, nasty aluminum with new, pref-finished white aluminum. Why yes, that is the ground that is visible from the inside. LOL There's about 17" that I removed because it was totally rotted.

Time & time
again I see people exasperatingly ask, "where is my VIN? I can't find my VIN." I remember being in that very same boat last month & I wasn't able to locate a picture that showed where
should look for my VIN. I asked in vain, time & time again on my Yahoo Group, "where can I find my VIN?" Everyone kept saying it was "on the tongue!" & I knew it was on my tongue. But for some reason, it eluded me for weeks. Then, a lovely soul emailed me a pic of what it would look like on my Shasta. Well, that worked like a charm. I went out & spotted it & wondered how the heck I missed it for so long. So, here is my contribution... Hopefully this will save someone weeks of frustration trying to find the darned VIN (click photo to enlarge pic). I think this pic is pretty self explanatory.

The only thing I don't know is... what's that box above the VIN, between the two rails? It seems like an add-on aftermarket doo-hickey of some sort.

Are you amazed at the amount of rust on her frame? I'm not, considering she sat for probably over a decade, or closer to 15 years, in the same spot on moist earth while new earth grew in around her, it's not that bad. Thankfully, it's all surface rust & comes off with a wire brush.

When I decide what color I want to paint the frame (most probably black, but I'm not sure), I'll use the plug-in drill & a wire brush attachement & do it all in a few days, painting it immediately.

Tomorrow I'm going to go fight the good fight even harder, start earlier, & not quit so early.

Wish me luck!

11 May 2008

Shame, shame

I've been awfully light on pics lately... I suspect it's because I haven't been doing any new work. Maybe I can dig something up? Maybe I should just get my arse out there & work?!

Ok, well I feel really ashamed I haven't worked on Goldie again. I mean, I have a great excuse. I'm working like a dawg. Last week I did 61 hours. And those are just the hours I'm paid for. There are 2.75 hours during each work day for which I'm at work, but not being paid because I'm not actually working. I don't have enough time to drive home, but I also don't have so short a break that I get paid "non-driving" pay. Bummer for me! So actually, lately I've been at work for 74 hours a week.

These "marathon weeks" are seasonal, though. That's why I work like this when I can. It's tough on me & it's tough on the girls, but it's worth it during the summer when I get 8 weeks off.

So, today is Mothers Day. It seems that today my girls have fought more than they have all week. I'm trying my best to be a Queen wearing a crown, but the referee shirt is more like it. I had a nice steak dinner, which my oldest cooked all by herself & then served me, so that is quite Queen-ish. The mood seems to be getting better & lighter. Thank goodness!

I'm sad my one day weekend is nearing an end, but look forward to the week ahead... a week with less hours to work & a full weekend to enjoy.

04 May 2008

A Trend?

It's been raining just about every day. I haven't worked on Goldie in about two weeks! I've been working on my day job six days a week for a couple weeks now, next week is no different. Feast or famine & I'm totally cool (yeah, I was a kid of the 90's, big whoop!) with feasting this month!

More great non-Shasta news! My cousin Mikey is getting married in August. I'm going to have to cancel my camping plans with my friend that I had scheduled for that week. I feel terrible doing that, but I gotta. The sooner the better, so she can find a replacement.

I'm so excited for an excuse to trailer! I gotta look up campgrounds there, OR I guess I could ask to park 'er in the yard. hehehe

Day off tomorrow!!! Well, today actually. Lots of errands, but I hope to get some work done on Goldie. She deserves it! I sure hope this lull of not working on her is a fluke & not a trend!