30 June 2008

Confession is good for the soul

Ok, ok, ok.... I think I may be using the rainy days as an excuse not to work on Goldie. Do I really need an "excuse"? I think not. Goldie is my hobby, not my obligation. I should be having fun, not feeling guilty! Now, if I could just believe that!!

Honestly, I could be polishing some aluminum or something.

But, but, but... Netflix is on!


26 June 2008

So, I'm ready...

...to start putting some stuff back together, but it's still raining. It just won't stop. We were supposed to have Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday rain free. Well, it rained yesterday and today. Tomorrow is supposed to be rain-free, but I have to be a taxi service & hostess to my one of my daughters' out of town friends. They'll be camping in the backyard, which will be fun for them.

I'm thankful that it's not a steady rain, it's just a rain that makes working on an unsheltered elder-trailer completely impossible. We're not flooded. We're not even water logged, we're just inconvenienced.

Enough belly-achin'!

I'm ready to start rebuilding the rear frame work that had turned to mulch. I have it completely gutted & cleaned out. I'm sure that the fridge that [was] there isn't original. I'm not really sure if it would have been an icebox or a fridge. I also don't know if the fridge that I have works or not. I should probably plug'er in to find out.

Originally my plan was to leave the lauan behind the fridge and within the armoire, but yesterday while doing some fine-tooth-comb-cleaning, I noticed that the copper gas line felt loose. I removed the lauan and discovered that the gas line was cut. great. nice. lovely. Once again I'm grateful I'm not a half-asser.

I'm sure I'd be able to find an ice box for less than $50 or so. I also know that a new fridge is hundreds, which isn't in the budget. I'd want an electric/gas fridge if I was going to bother to spend the money. I'd like to do some boondocking, so I'd like to have a propane fridge for that. If not, cooler tech has come a LONG way. Those 10 day coolers really work. Decisions, decisions.

Well, sorry for the boring last few weeks & lack of pics. Nothing to see here, folks (sadly)... move along...


19 June 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's been raining for days! I don't mean raining all day, but enough to make the day unproductive for restoration work. It appears that this rain will continue at least through Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. Temps in the low to mid-70's. Can't complain about those temps!

So, while this week won't be Shasta productive, my house should be sparkling & fresh.

My heart goes out to those in the mid-west with "real problems" dealing with flooding.

18 June 2008

Just Itchin'!

I just had to blog-in to say that I only have to work two more 2 hours shifts, then I'm off for like... um EIGHT WEEKS! Yay.

Frida-a-a-a-y where a-a-a-are yo-o-o-o-o-o-ou??

15 June 2008

Ahhh... to Zen

Even with the "Wedding Deadline" fast approaching, I felt extremely relaxed this weekend knowing that this will be the last Sunday that I'll dread Monday for several weeks. Friday is my last day until mid-August!

This weekend, there was no sense of urgency. There was only Zen. I did manage to take some pictures. Here's a pic of the damage to the door, from which I will eventually make my wings.

As you can see, the interior is in a sad state. Today, I'm ok with that.

I've also come to the conclusion that I may not have the funds to finish the trailer this season. I'm bummed about that, but if that's the way it's gotta be... I'd rather have a great finished Shasta than something that I cheaply slapped together. I dunno, we'll see.

Four more days!!!

08 June 2008

Super Sweaty Saturdays Are Swell

Saturday was filled with fulfilling, yet tedious labor. It was also over 90º and very humid. Inside the trailer had to be well over 110º. Yesterday confirmed my need to get the insulation installed ASAP. I did more cleaning. I'm beginning to wonder if that will ever end. I pulled more staples & twisted nails.

I gave my older daughter the job of cleaning some of the aluminum. She thought she'd love doing that, but she soon realized that it required a lot of work even though you can do it whilst sitting. I think she's starting to come to the conclusion that all jobs are hard work when restoring a vintage trailer.

I couldn't resist the urge to see what my aluminum wings will look like when polished, so I polished this little area of bare aluminum.

I must admit, it was very impressive. Please ignore the Shasta filth on my finger & under my fingernail. I worked really hard Saturday. In fact, I was working so hard & so focused that I ripped the skin from my finger & didn't notice right away. Nasty.

I have decided that I'm going to put an air conditioning unit in. It's going to go in the area that used to house the furnace. It will vent to the outside through the old furnace vent as well. I'll make the A/C unit removable, so when it's cold, I'll be able to sub in a furnace if needed. There are some great furnaces for sale at Vintage Trailer Supply.

I had plans to work hard again today, but the weather had other ideas. Even though it's slow going, I still feel very positive about this project. I feel confident that I'll be done by the wedding because I only have two more weeks of work. After that, I'll be able to work on her daily, if I feel like it. I'll only be limited by the pesos in my pocket.

Through my reading on the 'net, I learned that I can fix a small hole in the aluminum skin and leave it like that for quite some time by just taping over it with aluminum duct tape. I'm not talking about the grey stuff. This tape is actual aluminum with a special adhesive backing.
While it's certainly not an aesthetically pleasing fix, it will do for now. I want to get more accomplished on the inside before I do any cosmetic work on the outside.

It's tough to hold off on things like taping seams, because they're so cut & dry as well as relatively easy. But, there's no use in puttying things until your done jostling and removing the skin.

I have some major issues going on in the rear that I did not anticipate. The weight bearing beams that go along the walls (especially the curbside wall) are quite rotted. I need to replace those. I'm thinking that the only way to do that is to partially disassemble the wall from the outside through the skin, install the new 2x4's, screwing them with very long screws, then jacking rear slightly to even out the sag. Finally, rebuild the framing in the walls and installing the new ¼" subfloor over top the partially replaced ¾" plywood. I need to have a "perfect" surface for applying the new vinyl tiles. Of course, I'll work out all the details and write it up here.

I have decided that in addition to removing the inner surface of the door to reuse the aluminum for the wings, I may have to replace the inner surface of the trunk. It's pretty damaged. There's corrosion that's made holes in it. I hope to do that this season. I hope to salvage most of that aluminum, also. In my best estimation, that door project would be about a day. Given my history of estimation of time to complete a project, it'll probably take at least a week.

In an effort to save a little dough I will use lauan inside the wardrobe, cabinets, and places that won't be seen. That is what is being used right now & I'd considered using the nice birch, but what would be the point? Those areas will always be dark inside & only seen when I open a cabinet. I will paint those areas off-white with a satin finish, rather than a pickled finish. I think that should blend well, and save me a couple of sheets of $36 birch paneling. I can't return those sheets, however, they'll be useful during my next restore.

I can't wait to start puttin' this thang back together.