28 July 2008

Counter Tops, Revisited

Ok, there's the counter top, unfurled. I've had it for several days. I've looked at it several times. I must say that I'm slightly dissapointed. I feel like the picture was not representative of what the pattern looks like.

This is a close up of the pattern. When I saw the sample at the Formica website, it looked like a larger pattern. I expected the white spots to be more white & much larger than they are. I expected them to be about between ¼" and ½", but they're really about an eighth inch. It's also very muted. There's not much contrast.

Don't get me wrong, it is gorgeous. I probably would have gotten in anyway, but it's just not what was represented & it's not what I expected. I'm going to keep it, it's nice.

I can't wait to glue'er down.


After looking back at the Formica website, it appears that I may have gotten the one on the left called Nightmist OR the one on the right called Silverado. I'm going to have to call Lowe's in the morning... Don't you think these ones look more like the one I have than the does Flint Crystal?


matchbox20girl said...

Hmm...I think you got the wrong thing by accident...so this is good, right? You can still get the one you ordered? They're all pretty though!

Lisa said...

The #4 sample does look "sharper", more defined, more black, more white. Maybe they had a super flash on their camera?? Did you compare ...uh, model #'s? Do they have samples at Lowe's or HD that you can compare it to?
I like it, but, it doesn't look like what you ordered (or what I voted for, haha)